Is Your Office Like “The Office”?

I enjoy both the UK and US versions of the office with all of their quirky characters. Sure, most of the scenarios are a little out there, but maybe your office has a Jim and Pam, a Dwight or a Stanley Hudson.

We’re not a large operation here, so we have to fill multiple rolls. There’s no shortage of office pranks around here, so I think the Jim title will have to be split between our manager Paula and myself. I sit in the front and studied art, so I guess I’m also the Pam. We don’t have anyone crotchety enough to be a Stanley, or just plain strange enough to be a Creed, but maybe one of these days an Ivy Leaguer with an affinity for acapella will join us as our own Andrew Bernard.

Any real-life “The Office” stories to share? Have you ever found your stapler in a Jell-O mold or been exposed to rabies thanks to poor imprivisation by a coworker (I certainly hope not!)

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