Buying Local

There’s been a lot of buzz about ‘buying local’ in recent years. It used to be that there were so many advantages to purchasing products locally that it didn’t make sense to go elsewhere. But with the way we utilize technology it is often now less expensive and easier to buy products from far away lands and we actually have to make an effort to keep it local. Having greater access to items worldwide is great for diversifying our daily lives and mass production does tend to cut down on some costs, but let’s not forget the value of purchasing from our own neighborhoods, cities and states.

So why is it important to buy local?

When you buy local, you help stimulate your local economy by circulating wealth within your community. This leads to an increase in local tax revenues and boosts local employment rates buy creating job opportunities. This in turn can help to create better working conditions.

Other benefits?

When you make an effort to make your purchases locally, you’re more likely to buy what you actually want and need rather than buying impulsively based on ad campaigns and easy availability.

Buying locally cuts down on unnecessary shipping, which is environmentally friendly (which small scale production tends to do anyway!)

It also enhances relationship growth and enhances diversity within your community not to mention the peace of mind that comes with knowing how and where your products were created.

We love seeing the appreciation our customers have when we introduce a new Colorado brand to our inventory. Current local brands we are proud to offer include Izze, Bing, LOVE GROWN, Madhava, Boulder Water, Mix 1, Celestial Seasonings,  Dazbog, and Cafe Richesse.

For more local brands to watch, check out this article from ColoradoBiz Magazine.

4 thoughts on “Buying Local

    • Thanks for your comment! I just checked out your post on Upcoming Events in Denver and am excited to see that the Cherry Creek Fresh Market has opened!

      • We attended on opening day. The market was packed and the day was beautiful. There were a lot of Colorado based businesses that attended the Colorado Arts & Crafts Spring Festival at the Denver Merchandise Mart. It was neat to see so many Colorado based businesses under one roof. Have a great week!

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