Summer Snacking

You might think the winter holiday season is the most dangerous time for your waistline, but summer may actually be the prime time for unwelcome weight to creep on. Between vacations, holidays and celebratory barbecues, unusual schedules and the heat, the summer months can totally derail an otherwise healthy lifestyle if you’re not careful.

Fear not! Here are some tips to help keep you on track.

Strategize – Failing to plan ahead can be detrimental to any healthy lifestyle plan (note: I did NOT say ‘diet‘), but with the irregularities summer schedules, or lack there of, can throw at us it can be even harder. If you have snacks pre-portioned and ready to go, you’re less likely to

Go Seasonal – One of the greatest things about the warmer months is the abundance of fresh produce. Fresh avocados, tomatoes, carrots and fruit are awesome staples for summer snack time. And the possibilities are endless! If you’re bored of dipping your apples in peanut butter, branch out. Frozen fruit is one of my all time favorite treats. My mom would put grapes and banana slices with toothpicks in the freezer for us to gnosh on during the warmer months. It seems more like a dessert than a healthy snack! You could even drizzle a bit of chocolate on top to take it up a notch.

Moderate – When you’re proportioning your snacks be sure you’re keeping the sizes reasonable. Over-doing it on the calories doesn’t help you take advantage of the benefits of snacking between meals! Be mindful of whether you’re actually hungry, or just eating because there’s food in front of you. And don’t forget to balance your snacks! Pairing a protein with your fruit or other carbohydrate based snack will help you feel more satisfied and give you more energy.

Indulge! – Don’t miss out on the delicious joys of barbecue and ice cream truck season. A pulled pork sandwich or milkshake here and there don’t have to be your enemy, and denying yourself the things you enjoy the most can end in overdoing it later. So don’t be afraid to treat yourself, especially if you’re doing well at staying active.

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