Chilled Coffee Beverages For Summer

In our last post we talked about keeping your snacking habits in check during the summer. There’s not much better to compliment a late morning or afternoon nosh than your favorite beverage. I know for a lot of us that means a cup of coffee! It’s late afternoon and I’m thinking I could really use some right now…and though it’s finally cooled down a touch, I think iced coffee is the way to go.

We’ve talked about cold brewed coffee before, which is great for both hot and cold drinks. But here are a few more tips on how to make awesome cool coffee beverages to get your caffeine fix without overheating in the middle of summer.

Coffee Ice for Iced Coffee – Fill an ice tray with coffee cooled to room temperature and freeze. That way when you pour your coffee over the top of the ice when making your chilled beverage, it won’t get watered down as it melts!

Pre-sweeten – If you’re using a course sugar, honey, agave, or other syrup it helps to mix the sweetener into the freshly brewed coffee when it’s still hot. This gives it a chance to dissolve before it hits the ice. I personally learned the hard way that squeezing honey into and ice-cold beverage doesn’t work out very well…

Shaken, Not Stirred – Have you ever noticed some coffee shops tend to serve drinks with the flavors all settled at the bottom? An easy remedy is using a cocktail shaker or lidded tumbler or mason jar instead of stirring your drink with a spoon. Mix it up, shake it, and pour. A bonus is a nice extra bit of froth on the top.

Concentrate – If you’ll be mixing in lots of milk, cream, or ice that’s NOT made from coffee, make sure you brew at extra strength to keep the coffee flavor from being overpowered.

Be Your Own Barista – Part of the joy of making your own fancy coffee drink is that you don’t have to feel like you’re being the obnoxious person at the local cafe when you ask for your non-fat, half calf, double pump, extra foam latte. You’re in control here, so make it what you want! Mix your flavors, experiment with sprinkling seasonings, blend it to oblivion…Just get creative and see what you come up with!

Who has their own iced coffee recipe to share?

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