Love Grown Foods

Courtesy Of Love Grown Foods

We are pretty into eating here at our office. Part of the joy of working in a small business is that someone is always bringing in something yummy to share, and there’s never any of that someone-ate-my-clearly-labeled-sandwich-from-the-break-room drama I’ve heard so much about in larger offices. A while back we were fortunate enough to start carrying Love Grown Foods oat clusters, and we have to say, besides our customers enjoying it, it’s been a huge hit in our office as well! So we thought we’d share our thoughts with you.

If you’re in Colorado and aren’t familiar with Love Grown Foods, FAMILIARIZE YOURSELF ALREADY! Founded by a young couple who met at University of Denver and combined their passions and skills to build a now thriving health food company, Love Grown is Denver based and spreading like wildfire. Besides offering a healthy product, they have also made it their mission to educate youth about nutrition and the benefits of healthier eating!

All of the products are certified gluten free, and they only use honey and agave as sweetening. No high fructose corn syrup or refined sugars here!

We’ve been noshing on this stuff quite a bit and while it doesn’t seem to take much to encourage people to chow down, everyone seems to have their own favorite flavor and way to enjoy the granola.

Ana, our company founder and fearless leader is a serious chocoholic and isn’t shy about admitting it. She always brings in the most delicious truffles! So when I asked her to tell me what her favorite flavor of Love Grown was, it was a bit of a surprise to hear her say Apple Walnut Delight and not Cocoa Goodness! She actually said “It hurts me not to say Cocoa, especially since I do love it so much, but I just really love the Apple Walnut!” Ana loves to mix in her favorite yogurt with this one. The apple chunks are so plentiful there’s no need to top with fruit, but I’m sure that would be delicious too!

Paula, on the other hand, is not typically a fan of chocolate, though she has a serious sweet tooth (her all time favorite breakfast cereal is the difficult to acquire Rice Krispie Treats cereal). She is known to dabble in the milk variety on occasion, but prefers white chocolate (which Ana and I argue isn’t even chocolate to begin with!).  Yet her favorite IS the Cocoa Goodness, go figure. While it’s not overly sugary, it does satisfy the sweet tooth with a touch of honey and agave, along side 63% dark chocolate chips. Paula’s unique approach at munching on granola is to pour it into a cup and dip a whole banana right into it before taking a bite. I’ve never seen anything quite like it, but hey, it works!

As for me, I’m a huge fan of the Cocoa too, but I think my favorite is probably the Raisin Almond Crunch. I love cinnamon and vanilla, especially combined, and this variety makes me feel like I’m having oatmeal raisin cookies for breakfast without the guilt. For the most part I prefer it in a bowl with milk, but I’ll occasionally mix it up with my favorite maple flavored yogurt or some added berries for an extra burst of flavor. All of the granolas have a great crunch, and just the right amount of sweetness.

Another awesome thing about the Love Grown oat clusters is that they come in either a convenient resealable 12 oz pouch, or individually packaged 1 oz portions (which are wonderful for offices or tossing in your purse). Other flavors in the lineup include Sweet Cranberry Pecan and Simply Oats, though rumor has it new flavors could be hitting the shelves in the future!

Anybody other fans in Colorado or elsewhere loving this product as much as we are?

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